Throw Them Out Right Now: We All Have Them In The Home, And Experts Say They Contain Toxic Substances That Are Carcinogenic

Here are the things to get out of your home …

These items contain toxic substances that are carcinogenic and can cause many other health problems.


Air freshener


Air fresheners have been the subject of many studies, most of which, unfortunately, confirm their harmfulness. Among other things, the following are toxic to the body: benzene, formaldehyde, acetone …. In addition to the fact that they can increase the likelihood of cancer, they can worsen asthma, disrupt the hormonal balance of the body and cause problems of the central nervous system.


Scented candles


According to a study conducted by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, as many as 40% of candles on the market have harmful wires in the wicks. The problem is mainly about scented candles, in which lead prevents wax from softening essential oils. Lead released during combustion is toxic to children, can be cancerous and cause hormonal disorders. If you love the cozy light in your home, it is better to switch to organic soy candles from local producers.

Shower curtains


Take a closer look at those that, when removed from the packaging, have a specific odor. Under the influence of steam and heat, they emit harmful chemical compounds that can damage the airways, liver and nervous system, and are also carcinogenic. This is made worse by the fact that during a hot shower or bath, the pores of the skin open up and absorb harmful substances even more intensely. A healthier solution will therefore be a shower cover made of glass or waterproof fabric.




Deodorants and antiperspirants contain several substances that are carcinogenic. Among them, the most common compound is triclosan, which damages the immune system, causes hormonal disorders and increases the risk of cancer. It can also be found in some shampoos, toothpastes and shaving foams. But the antiperspirant allows for the highest absorption of harmful substances – it is designed to stay on the skin for as long as possible.

Plastic containers


Plastic packaging contains Bisphenol A (BPA), a health hazard, which disrupts hormonal balance and can contribute to the development of cancerous changes. US plastic companies have decided to withdraw BPA from the production of food storage containers due to their harmfulness. The compounds are especially found in hard plastic products, and can also be released when washing plastic objects in the dishwasher or heating the food in the microwave.

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