How to Stop Panic Attack

When you notice the symptoms of panic attacks (chest pain, skin redness, rapid heartbeat and breathing difficulties), you can easily think that you will die, although this is far from true.


We bring you some techniques to help you cope with panic attacks. It is very important that you do not live in fear of the next panic attack, as this significantly damages the quality of life.

Make notes


Once the attack starts, begin to notice all the symptoms, but also your thoughts. This can help you to develop a completely different view of panic attacks.


Anxiety can very easily go into the panic attack, which are truly frequent. Even the therapy itself consists of recording all the symptoms and situations in which the attack occurs.


Accept an attack


People often try to do everything to stop the attack, but you can not do it. If you recall past attacks, you will remember that each went through, although it was horrible for some time.


It would be best, if you notice the symptoms, to accept the attack because, however challenging and difficult, it will be easier to deal with the fact that you may experience another attack in the near future.

Just breathe


Shortness of breath is only the consequence of anxiety. You can feel a lot worse if you breathe quick and short. Start breathing from your belly. Let your breathing be deep and slow. When the attack starts, relax your shoulders and focus on a deep breath and a drop.


The deeper you breathe, it will be easier for you to turn off thoughts from the attack. You can even put your hand on your belly and chest to fully focus on breathing.




This is definitely easier to say than do. Once the panic attack begins, your goal is to finish it as soon as possible so you can relax.


Do not wait for the panic attack to end, but try to quit right away. If you do not seem to survive the attack and you will die, clutter, find a comfortable position and imagine yourself in a pleasant place.

Talk to yourself


When the attack occurs, tell yourself that you are the ones who allow the attack to take place and that you know it will end. You need to understand and understand how much power the mind has over your body.


A panic attack can induce you to think that you will faint, but you will not, because the blood pressure level does not descend during a panic attack.


Go back to the present


No matter how stressful it is, you must live in the present. Allow anxiety to overcome you for a moment, but try to take control of it more quickly each time. Then you will better understand how panic attacks work.


Do not live in the past or think too much about the future, because your stress will overcome you completely. For your emotional, physical and mental health, it is extremely important that you live in the present and that most of your time is focused on it.

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