How To Finally Stop Hair Loss? Make Your Hair Grow Faster And Stronger Than Ever!

Hair loss is really scary question and represents one of the worst aesthetic problems, even to children.

Hair loss can be caused by many different factors, but most often it is a consequence of stress. This phenomenon is, in fact, the body’s response to stressful situations. Other causes for hair loss include weight loss, menopause, hormonal imbalance and pregnancy.

Many people have tried a variety of cosmetic products for the treatment of hair loss, and prevent deterioration, but only few of them can provide some effects, and plus, they are rich in chemicals that can endanger health.

On the other hand, there is a natural way to treat this problem effectively, and it also boosts hair growth at the same time. This natural remedy contains guava leaves, which contains high level of vitamin B that is extremely important for hair.

Guava Leaflets are very effective in treating hair loss and also strengthen the follicle and hair root.

This is how to prepare a cure:

In a liter of water, add a handful of guava leaves and leave them to boil for 20 minutes. Then leave the cure to cool down. Massage your scalp and rinse a few hours, to allow to act.

For optimal results, use a scalp massage before bedtime. After the massage, you should put a cap and let it work overnight. You should wash it in the morning.

Repeat this procedure regularly until you get satisfactory results.

Guava leaves can be found in pharmacies as well as herbal shops.

Read these additional incredible benefits that guava leaves provides for your health:

– To reduce cough and treat bronchitis and cough, just make tea from guava leaves
– Cooked guava leaves are excellent for hair loss. Cool the water and gently massage your scalp to stop further hair loss
– Tea is useful for diabetics because it lowers blood sugar and does not stimulate insulin production
–  Tea made from guava leaves helps to reduce your weight
– Guava tea reduces bad LDL cholesterol without affecting the level of good HDL cholesterol
– Tea leaves from Guava is also good for an upset stomach and provides great assistance in case of food poisoning
– Smash Guava leaves and apply them to the itching areas caused by allergies and you can also do the same for insect stings
– Guava tea is also effective in diarrhea
– Leaf of guava is rich in vitamin C to help you cleanse your face spots, such as acne and pimples
– Drinking guava tea is advised for people with fertility problems
– It is also a good remedy for the treatment of enlarged prostate and cancer
–  Staple several leaves in the water to prevent premature aging of the skin. Apply water on your face
– Guava tea is also useful for external ear infections. Apply it cold in the affected areas
– Chewing guava leaves helps with inflammation of dental meat and ulcers in the oral cavity;

Guava leaves are really useful, as you read. In addition, you can always plant the guava trees in your yard and the leaves will be at your reach.

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