A Recipe That Will Make It Easier For You To Quit Cigarettes!

There are many preparations for quitting smoking, but the healthiest is to leave cigarettes naturally. Experts agree that this is the best method by which should you quit smoking because at the same time is contributing to other aspects of your health.

Although it may be very difficult to stop smoking, keep in mind, if you try, that it will greatly improve your health. Cigarettes are contagious habits that can have dangerous consequences.

One of the best decisions that you can make in your life is to stop smoking, if you have this unhealthy habit.

For years, we meet with the serious consequences of this vice that leaves on the body, which is why there is an increasing number of smokers who want to stop smoking and improve the quality of their life

Chemicals in cigarettes only increase the risk of getting cancer. In addition, smoking can cause a variety of heart disease, lung disease and asthma. Although it may be very difficult to stop smoking, keep in mind, if you try, that it will greatly improve your health.

Although many feel that it is very easy to give up smoking, people who are dependent cannot do that so easily. The process of leaving smoking can be a long, very difficult and it requires a lot of effort and will.

This remedy has proven to reduce the desire for cigarettes.


Half grapefruit

Half an orange

2 dl of chamomile tea

30 g of jojoba oil

30 g of olive oil

30 g of coconut

5 g of oregano


Pour grapefruit juice and orange into a bottle. Add the remaining ingredients to the bottle and shake until they are mixed. Whenever you want to smoke, place a small amount of the mixture in the vicinity of your nose, or on a handkerchief and then inhale deeply.

Why does this work?

Chamomile and oregano help with stress and depression that may arise after you stop smoking and lemon juice is effective in stopping nicotine. Jojoba and olive oil help smell’s molecules to be as effective as possible.

Most smokers who want to stop smoking, have to be persistent to succeed. The most important thing is to not give up, and to always have in mind that it is possible to give up smoking.

Smoking cessation experience with an alkaline food

There is evidence that alkaline food that creates alkaline environmental in the body that reduces the urge to smoke, while foods with acidic pH further amplified its. There is no reason not to try this diet, as more and more evidence that he is one of the best choices in the prevention and treatment of all diseases.

For any disease to develop, it needs acidic environment, and to increase the acidity of influence and cigarettes, stress, sugar, meat and meat products, all industrial food, alcohol, coffee and many other favorite foods us. On the other hand, fresh fruits and vegetables, millet, honey, sprouts, olive oil, almonds and other healthy foods increase the alkalinity of the body and help us in the struggle with the disease, but also in the process of what is quitting smoking.

The base food will allow far more nicotine to circulate throughout the body, and therefore and considerably reduces the desire for new burning cigarettes. What are the foods that will give us a smoking cessation easier and less stressful, and to us in that each burned cigarettes cannot be comfortable ..

Apples for quitting smoking

It is believed that apple quenches the desire for a cigarette, so it is recommended that as often as you eat this fruit. If you feel the need to smoke during the quitting, we recommend that instead of a cigarette take a fresh homemade apple. You can make from apple and delicious juice, but it is very useful and vinegar.

How to leave a cigarette with the help of celery?

If the pre-smoking cigarettes decide to eat a nice salad of celery, you will notice that the taste of the cigarettes has drastically changed. Similarly, will operate and zucchini, cucumbers, beans, eggplant and asparagus that are also useful for quitting smoking cigarettes.

Dairy products for smoking cessation

Another food after that spoils the taste of cigarettes. Before any attempt to light a new cigarette- drink a little sip a cup of milk. The taste of cigarettes will be bitter and you will not like it.

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