How To Induce Pooping In Adults

It is very likely that there is no adult in the world, which did not have a problem at some point with a constipation. Below find out what are the causes of this phenomenon and how to cause pooping in adults…

Constipation is a disorder of the bowel that can manifests with less than three bowel discharges per week.  It causes bloating, abdominal pain, dizziness and nausea. However, it is considered that
constipation also includes a hard stool, with painful defecation, the appearance of blood and
mucus, and the feeling of insufficient bowel emptying.

Constipation in adults causes

Generally speaking, when you mention constipation in adults, the causes can be different and depend on a lot of things.

First of all, it depends of the very organism itself. Also, the habits that the individual has and depends on and what is implied in his case under normal discharge. Generally, there should be one or two chairs on a daily basis, although there are also those who have a normal discharge every other day.

Typically, the root causes of this discomfort are unstable diet and general, unhealthy lifestyle habits. This refers to the increased intake of so-called fast food, which does not have so much fiber, and is full of various chemical additives. Certainly problems with the stool are more frequent in those who do not move sufficiently, or who do not have adequate physical activity at the daily level.

Help for constipation

In order to eliminate constipation in adults, it is necessary to determine the exact cause first and then to make all those changes, which should lead to a better discharge of the bowel.

Primarily, when it comes to constipation, aid relating to the introduction of larger quantities of liquid, and primarily lukewarm water and mild herbal teas. It is also good to eat fruit and vegetables that are rich in fibers. It is also recommended to include flax seeds in the diet.

Foods that do not have enough fiber should be avoided, and at the same time they are known to have a bad influence on digestion. In the first place is meant milk and dairy products, bananas and numerous industrial snacks, as well as on chocolate, and in general, spicy, fried and strong foods.

From our ancestors we have learned that the best remedy against constipation is compote of prunes. But is often recommended to consume and apple compote.

However, the answer to the question of how to induce pooping in adults cannot be unique, because it is most important to determine why this problem occurred.

If, for example, a prison is primarily caused by inactivity, it is assumed that physical activity, even the mild must be included in everyday routine. And in a case of constipation occurred due to inadequate intake of food, it is clear that they have to change eating habits.

It is advisable, in any case, to consume flax seed with a supplement of yogurt for a certain period of time, as it has proven to improve digestion.

Tea for digestion

Digestion tea can also be found in the sale, but it is definitely a recommendation to carefully use folk remedies because they can cause certain adverse reactions.

It is recommended to consume tea from bread, but also tea from the plant of hay, but there are also numerous mixtures recommended for digestion improvement.

We note once more that caution is required when using any laxatives, whether it is a dedicated digestive tea or it is a product that is industrially prepared.

The best natural laxative against constipation

Of many, it can be said that the best natural laxative against constipation is dry plum compote, and special preparations can be found on the basis of dry plums.

Basically, anyone who has this discomfort from time to time may be able to extract a particular tea or some other natural laxative that has been proven to help.

Drink enough fluids. Water, fruit and vegetables, and soup, and soften the stool.
It makes it easy for her to pass through the intestines. It is necessary to bring about 2 liters of liquid
daily. Beverages that contain caffeine or alcohol should be avoided, because it leads to dehydration.

Massage – Every night before the sleep, massage the lower part of the belly with essential oils of rosemary, roman chamomile.

Lemon juice is a healthy natural laxative. To regulate digestion
prepare a drink of two teaspoons of lemon juice and 2 dl lukewarm water.
Drink on an empty stomach, immediately after waking up.

Regular exercise keeps the body active and encourages bowel movement. To be
improved digestive system function, it’s half an hour, three times a week, a walk, a swim or exercise aerobics.
Of course, they should be especially careful with the use of such laxatives, as there are indications that they can have an extremely negative effect on health. Excessive use of laxatives can cause intestinal laziness and causing constipation. It is not recommended to use this type medicines without prior consultation with doctors.

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