The Japanese Women Have Discovered How To Stay Slim And Young: These Six Things They Are Doing Differently Than Other Women

For a nice look, slim body and a relatively long life, the Japanese women can best thank the following tips …The longevity of Japanese people has been intriguing scientists all over the world for a long time. The Japanese say it’s a secret in their life habits.

Japanese women not only live longer and stay younger, but have the lowest obesity in the world. Why? Because of the diet. Their body does not produce wastes that encourage it to store fat in the tissues, and their skin is beautiful, healthy, and tight.
Here are the habit of admiring the inhabitants of this Asian country!

Forget about dessert

At the end of the meal, the Japanese drink green tea, as opposed to residents of other countries who like to eat a dessert after meal. If you cannot do without sweets, eat them in the afternoon, preferably with morning coffee and, of course, do not exaggerate in quantity. By reducing the amount of sweets you will reduce the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.

And even when they have a dessert, it is very rare, on special occasions and very small portions. The secret is that their sweets are not like ours. They are low-key treats, with very little sugar, and not the same as we used to.

Do not overdo it with the food

On the Japanese island of Okinawa lived most centenarians, who claim that the secret of their longevity that is not completely saturate during meals. Stop eating before you feel that you are fully fed. This way you will maintain a slim line and save your health.

Japanese eat smaller sequences of different foods during a meal. Since childhood, they learn to eat slowly and appreciate every bit. The rules that need to be kept are the following: never fill the plate completely or serve a large portion. Each food must be served separately and less is always more. Every meal must be arranged so that natural beauty can be seen and that fresh ingredients all always better.

Eat sushi

This food is an important source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for the functioning of the brain and heart health. The Japanese eat between 80 and 100 grams of fish per day. Experts believe that fish-rich foods are one of the key factors that make it difficult for residents of this Asian country to have high cholesterol and heart disease problems.

Move more

The Japanese advise you spend less time in a sitting position, and walk more. Namely, experts say that two hours of walking per day extends life for seven years. Exercise is part of everyday routines in Japan. Apparently, their everyday life involves a whole series of unintentional exercises, and they have built up the entire expense of cycling, walking and hiking, and generally active life management.

Do not avoid “good” bacteria

Numerous studies have shown that “good” bacteria strengthen immunity. In Japan, foods are fermented on the menu that accelerate the growth of healthy bacteria in the intestines.
Go regularly to medical examinations

In the end, Japanese residents advise that prevention is very important. Therefore, you should go to complete medical examinations at least once a year.

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