Do These Eye Exercises 3 Minutes A Day And Improve Your Eyesight

Just three minutes a day is enough to exercise your eyes and fix your vision or prevent its weakening.

Have you ever wondered how we exercise all the parts of our body, arms, legs, stomach, and fingers? However, we almost never exercise our eye’s muscles. Although we know that eyes muscles play a big part in the quality of our vision.

Do these three exercises every day and you will have perfect vision. It takes only three minutes.

  1. Press the eyelids with your fingers


Is normal, nowadays, you’re sleep deprived and that your eyes are often tired. So apply the next exercise and for just one minute you will rest your ocular muscles, writes


– Close your eyes and place one finger on the place where eyelids are connected. Press and thus prevent the lids from opening and holding for 2-3 seconds, then release and open the eyes.


– Repeat the process 5 to 10 times.

  1. Cross your eyes


You must as children  crossed your eyes for fun. Now you have to do it because of your vision.


– Take some object, for example a pencil, set it to the length of your arm’s length, right between your eyes and approach it slowly to your nose. Always focus the pencil all the time.


“Once you have almost touched your nose, move slowly back to the length of your hand.

  1. Change focus

This exercise will make your pupils expand and contract, which has multiple positive effects on your vision.


– Choose one object that is away from you about 10 meters, another object that is away from you about 3 meters and stretch your thumb in front of you on the length of your arm.


– Change the focus from your thumb to the object 3 meters away, then the 10 meters away. Keep focus for a few seconds.


– Repeat the entire cycle 5 to 10 times.

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