Decorations For Halloween, Which You Can Make Them Together With Your Children

At the beginning of October, we look forward to the celebration of “scary” holiday, known as “Halloween.” It’s the right time to have fun with your kid and help them get rid of fears creatively.

So here’s the suggestion of three decorations you can make with them. In case you do not celebrate this holiday, take advantage of them for some other occasion, celebration, or simply as a reason to go with your kids.

The monster in the glass

To begin with, this is a very delicious and delicious decoration for juices or non-alcoholic cocktails. During the celebration of Halloween, candy is absolutely indispensable. So why not do a little with delicious colorful and cute rubber candies? Since they are the main ones in this decoration, which consists of stacking and stacking, make sure you find the ones more terrible. This means mandatory candies in the form of worms, clay, eyes and vampire teeth.




A variety of gummy bears

Long wooden sticks (similar to those for barbecue)


Begin to arrange and thread the candies on sticks at a logical order, so that all together it looks more like some sort of amazing monsters. If you do not want your kid to eat so much sugar, then replace the juice with plain water that will absorb thirst after consuming these candies. And while the kids do not watch, take a couple of sticks and put them in the real cocktail and serve your friends.

Giant spider


The bugs really know to be horrible, but especially spiders. If you think carefully, they are just like the carved pumpkin indispensable part of the decorations for Halloween. In reality, one so unpleasant creature can become extremely appealing, if only with a couple of things that are close at hand leave to your imagination run wild.



Black helium balloons

Black bars for cleaning pipes

transparent tape

Decorative strip

First, fill the balloons with helium, leave them to the side. Then take the black bars to clean the tubes, so since they are easy to flex, shape them so that they look like spider’s legs. Using the help of a transparent tape, squeeze them from the left and right sides of the balloon. Now just use the decorative strip to choose to hang balloons, and let them hang on the ceiling as real spiders.


Hanging ghosts


The kids love to be afraid, listen to horrible stories, especially those about ghosts. And while the moderate dose of fear is fun and acceptable, it does not need to be too much to stimulate horror associations, so the children would not develop any more serious fears later. That is why the illusion should be broken, so the making of these gentle, loving and sympathetic spirits will help. When it’s Halloween, place the ghosts to hang around the apartment or house, and it will be a group of good spirits that will watch over you.



Sponge balls



white rope

Sewing needles with black top

Big sewing needle

Place each ball in a piece of cheesecloth and lace. Then fold it with a rope around the “neck” of the ghosts. In the ball place the two needles with a black tip that will mimic the eyes of the spirit. Using a sewing needle, wrap the rope through the top of the ball, put the head on it, and thread it into the knot, then cut the rope over the desired length and place the ghosts to hang in the room.

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