5 Reasons Why Not Wearing a Bra is Good for You

Bras existed since ancient Greece. Today almost every woman carries one and is said to bring numerous benefits with her. But there are 5 golden reasons that surprisingly prove the opposite.


Here’s why if you don’t wear a bra, it will affect you and your health better:


  1. Your blood circulation will improve

We want the clothes to be comfortable, but at the same time the bras to be firm. And if you think about it better, bras are just a tight piece of clothing that squeezes breast tissue. All that tension and pressure can affect blood vessels and impede blood circulation, just like any other piece of tight clothing.


Walking without a bra will stimulate the free flow of blood, giving your breasts a healthy appearance and improving overall blood flow to the body.


  1. You will improve the quality of sleep

Some women have the habit of wearing a bra at night while sleeping. But this habit is unhealthy. It disrupts your circadian rhythm, as revealed in one study. Therefore, it is best to take off your bra before going to bed to get a better quality sleep.


  1. You may gain a larger breast size

Often bras are used to achieve greater volume. But the easiest way to get bigger breasts is just not to squeeze them into wearing bras. This is because when the breasts hang naturally, they force the pectoral muscles to work against gravity. So, although your breasts will not really grow, the firm muscles will make your breasts visually bigger.


  1. Your breasts will be firmer and more prominent

Professor Jean-Dennis Ruillon from Besancon University spent 15 years studying the anatomy of women. According to his findings, after one year if you do not wear a bra, the breasts will grow by 7mm on average more than those ladies who wear a bra constantly. Similar results have been presented in Japanese research.


  1. Improve the overall health of your breasts

Rejecting wearing bra also can help improve the health of your skin and muscles because it will improve the flow of blood will tighten tone muscle, sweat and dirt will no longer remain trapped near the skin as when wearing bras.


Also, according to some experts, wearing a bra regularly can lead to discoloration of your skin or result in uneven skin tone. Appearance of dark spots on your skin is also possible.



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