8 Tips To Dye Your Hair At Home


Hair dyeing at home is a very bold step in itself, which can be successfully done, you just need to know the basic golden rules.


To facilitate you, today we present to you the most common mistakes that ladies make when painting at home and tips on how to avoid them.


  1. You want a drastic change in hair color

That’s the easiest reason to go to a hairdresser immediately and spend a great deal of money. At home however, treatment would be crowned with success only if you had knowledge of the colors. Otherwise, hair experts do not recommend, at home, ladies to make drastic changes in hair color.


  1. You have chosen the wrong color



The big problem with hair dyes is the way they are arranged on store shelves. Too many seemingly similar shades put together, most of the time give the wrong impression of what color it actually is. And so, after using the purchased dye, women realize that they have made the wrong choice, which is definitely not the color they thought they had chosen.


For example, you get a color that says the color is golden, and after painting you realize that it is actually orange.


Professionals know how to choose the right color palette because they are paid for it. Therefore, it is best for you to consult an expert before choosing the perfect shade or simply choose a shade that suits your complexion.


  1. You don’t know the rules

You will probably be wondering “what rules?” Hair coloring is a combination of knowledge and experience. The golden rule is that different colors should not be applied to one another. If, for example, your natural hair color is dark chocolate, but you are looking for a lighter shade, do not think immediately that choosing a light shade will tame your natural dark color.


Doing so will only make your hair look darker, with brighter ends.


  1. You think the color is not permanent

That’s one of the biggest misconceptions, according to experts. Almost all hair dyes have a permanent effect, no matter what the declaration says. The color may fade, but it leaves traces that affect the hair after the next coloration. That is why it is very important to choose the first color you choose, whether it is written on the packaging as permanent or temporary.


  1. Do not dye while under emotional stress

This may sound strange to you, but it’s actually a fact. Parting, new work, etc. – These are all things that can cause ladies nervousness, and it’s best not to direct that nervousness to the hair. The consequences are, what seemed like a good idea yesterday with a glass of wine, the next morning can be a real disaster.


Especially if you made a mistake using dark tones, especially black. Dark hair colors are particularly difficult to handle and correct.


  1. Do not apply hair dye evenly


This step is considered the worst mistake, as we often detect it much later, after we have finished painting. This is also the biggest difference between dyeing at home and in a hair salon. Painting your own hand is a guarantee of unevenly applied paint, experts say. And the mistake is most noticeable in women who have tried to lighten their hair a bit or become blonde.


It is best that when you are already planning to do the dye at home, ask your friend or mother for help or consult a hairdresser who will give you instructions on which brush movements are best for this purpose.


  1. You dye too often

Most women grab the brush right away, when they notice it or when they just want to do a little color restoration or make some minor adjustments to save themselves from going to another hairdresser.


Color restoration is only successful if the hair has already grown. Frequent dyeing not only most often results in threaded ends and bright peaks, but also to damage the hair.


  1. Use bleach for hair



That’s a huge mistake, according to hair specialists. Removing permanent hair dye is something that should be left in the hands of professionals. Switching from brunette to blonde is a lengthy process that involves many factors and therefore ladies make big mistakes when they think that just a simple use of bleach will help them in their thinking.

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