Every Woman Who Goes To A Hairdresser Needs To Know This

The hair salon is a favorite place for many ladies to relax, regardless of their age. And there is nothing wrong with that activity. But today we are going to introduce you to a danger lurking in your hairdressers.


Before proceeding, it is necessary to explain that:


This is possible, but rarely happens.

Read the packaging warnings in detail such as the text for allergies, imprinted on hair dye boxes.

Carefully choose the hair salon to go to.

Hairdressing salons are not only a place where ladies can beautify themselves, but also to rest completely. But in those same salons there are hidden dangers to human health. Doctors call it such a “beauty salon syndrome”.

Here’s what this syndrome means

Wrong position of the neck leads to tightening of the blood vessels, which in some cases can lead to stroke. Trauma usually occurs during the process of washing your hair. Needless to say, this syndrome applies not only to women but also to men.


And here’s an example: Dave Taylor is a British man who is 45 years old. His case also received media attention last year for its unusualness. Dave quite routinely decided to visit the hairdresser. That visit enriched Dave by 100,000 euros after the court ruled in his favor, but not in the way anyone would have wished.


What happened? Two days after he was at the hairdresser, Dave fainted during a business meeting. He was taken to hospital immediately, and the doctor then asked him if he had recently been sewing and whether they had washed his hair while visiting the hairdresser.


Doctors warn that when the head is bent backwards to be washed in the hairdresser, at that position of the body, the artery is pressed, leading to clots and may in some cases cause a stroke.


Are Hairdressers Really Dangerous?

It goes without saying that no hairdresser wants his clients to have harmful effects two days after visiting his salon. All that danger is related to the equipment used and whether it is used properly.


In addition to the above described case of British Deb, another example of this case is the young mother Elizabeth Smith, who suffered a stroke in January 2014, and doctors found that it was caused by a hair wash in the hairdresser, in who Smith was before.


According to prominent physician Pitar Glovicki, the beauty salon syndrome is caused when there is trauma or blood clots in one of the four main arteries.

The main problem is neck hyperextension, which can occur when washing hair in the salon and staying in that position for some time.


Doctors also point out that this does not mean that women stop practicing their favorite activity. These cases are rare, but the possibility is not ruled out and so though it goes without saying that you should not stop at a hairdresser, just pay attention to the hair wash, choose a hairdresser where you know the staff are genuine professionals and will do well take care of you.


Under no circumstances should you feel uncomfortable or overworked when washing your hair.

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