A Cardiologist Says: These 9 Foods I Forbid To The People I Love

It is important for the heart to be healthy to take care of the diet. And to take care of the style of life and habits.

Above all, it is important to throw away anything that can act badly on the most important muscle in the body. One cardiologist has revealed which foods he  forbid to his loved ones and patients.

French fries

On 100 grams of fried potatoes come 9 grams of trans fats. They are not a substance of natural origin, but a product of multiple heating of vegetable oils. Trans fats increase cholesterol in the blood. Thus increase the severity of the disease in the cardiovascular system.

Red and processed meat

– schnitzels, minced meat and bacon are harmful to the heart. Bacteria from the digestive system absorb red meat amino acids. It produces a whole chain of reactions that ultimately increase cholesterol levels and stem cell disease.

Fried foods

Thermal processing at high temperatures creates a large amount of trans fats. They are one of the main culprits for spleen problems. In China where meat is usually baked or boiled, heart disease is less frequent.


Just one piece of pizza contains 10 grams of fat, of which 4.4 grams are saturated fat. If you can not quit pizza, limit yourself to only one piece a week. And let it be a pizza of vegetables.

White bread

Regular consumption of carbohydrate-rich foods like white bread increases the risk of cerebral diseases. The high glycemic index shows the level of blood sugar, and on this basis, scientists suspect that this is one of the frequent first factors leading to heart failure.


Fast foods that are full of sugar and make insulin in the body go wild.


Excess salt in the body causes damage and clogging of the blood vessels. Daily you shouldn’t eat more than 5 grams of salt (less than a teaspoon).

Instant soup

Like many other processed products, instant soup contains a large amount of salt, which increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. People who eat instant soup 2-3 times a week have a much greater risk of cardio metabolic syndrome, which increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Energy drinks

100 ml of energy drink contains 30 mg of caffeine. If you drink 300 ml, which is standard packaging, you will enter 90 mg of caffeine, which is like having a cup of 3-4 espresso coffees. This large dose of caffeine can cause tachycardia. And all types of this drink are not recommended for people who have any problem with the heart.

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