The Best Antique And Mythological Names And Their Meaning

Greeks and Romans have left an indelible mark on the foundations of European civilization. Thanks to numerous films and TV shows, today there is a trend of renewed interest in the world of legionnaires, gladiators and mighty emperors, ancient gods and invincible heroes, and so is the return of ancient names for children.

We bring you an interesting list of male and female antique names that sound truly beautiful, powerful and unique, symbolizing the foundations of European culture. Perhaps some of them seem overwhelming for today’s kids, but remember – You are the ones who create new trends.

Looking for the perfect name for your little descendants, you will learn something about Roman and Greek mythology along the way.


Aksentije – an increase, which has grown

Alexander – Protector of people

Andrey – brave, masculine

Arseny – brave, masculine

Vasily – imperial, royal

Damjan – tamer, Winner

Dimitrije – the genus of the earth, the descendant of the earth

Dositej – a gift, a gift from God

Isidor – Isidin’s gift, a gift from Izidi

Cyrillus – master, ruler, warior, commander

Kozma – peace, order, beautiful, decoration, honor

Leon – lion

Leonid – the descendant of the lion, the son of a lion

Luke – light

Manojlo – God is with us

Marko – The name of the Latin origin of the name of the god of Mars. It can mean “god of war,” or “be a warrior

Methods – theoretician, researcher

Nikola – a national victor

Peter – wall, stone

Simeon, Simon – God is listening, hearing, listening, heard

Sotir – the Savior

Stefan – wreath, crown

Tadej – praise

Theodore – the gift of God

Theophilus – who respects God, who is devoted to God

Trifun – who lives in luxuries, who enjoys

Filip – a lover or friend of a horse

Christian – a Christian


Aleksandra – protector, the one who defends people

Amara- eternal beauty

Anastasia – resurrected, born on Easter

Angela – like an angel

Athens – the name of the Hellenic goddess Athens

Callista – the most beautiful

Varvara – a foreigner, who is a stranger

Georgina – warior

Doris – a present, which is a gift, and may be related to Dorida, Hellenic goddess of the sea

Ismena – an old soul

Irina – calm, peaceful; the name of one of Hora, the helenic goddess of the sea

Jerosima – happy, cheerful, lively;

Jefimija – fair, be positive, which is raised, or, that a lofty singing songs

Cleopatra – a complex created by the word kleos and pater, or the one that is from the famous father

Ksenija – a hospitable, welcoming, guest gift

Karisa – the beloved one

Magdalena – Magdalen (place on the Galilee peninsula)

Maya – the name of the helenic goddess, mother of God Hermes

Margarita – like a pearl, pearly

Melanija – black

Nika – goddess of victory

Ophelia – a fighter

Paraskeva – ready, willing

Selena – Goddess of the Moon

Sofia – wise, reasonable, skillful

Tea – like a goddess

Teja – the goddess of shine and jewels

Teodora – God’s gift

Helena – brilliant, glittering, like sunshine

Christina – a Christian

Zina – bold, heroic, strong

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