Doctors Are Shocked With This Recipe, This Man Cured Himself From Lung Cancer!

13 years ago physicians in Zagreb diagnosed Anti Kresic with very severe form of cancer – lung cancer. And at the same time told him that he will not be long. But Kresic, with the help of honey and medicinal herbs, completely cured cancer. He still lives completely healthy in Čapljina in Herzegovina and deals with bee-keeping.

He claimed that he had documented the hole process of the treatment. And that there was enough evidence for the skeptics one. But also to give hope to the sufferers to keep on fighting and win the cancer with this holistic, cheap remedy that worked from him.

The doctors were thrilled by his progress. Unbelievably, they wanted him to continue with what he was doing. Because for obviously his condition had improved and they were surprised by his success.

When the doctors finally made a full examination, in Kresic could not find a trace from cancer in the body. Thanks to his honey, which he himself produced and some medicinal herbs.

Healthy and full of things, Kresic shares his experiences around the world, counting it for his duty.

Honey in folk medicine is known for centuries. Thanks to its composition, it is consider a sacred food and is one of the most important natural remedies.

In the tomb of Tutankhamun, vessels of honey from which  honey was ate were found, and which are over 3000 years old. The Greeks and Romans during the time of the wars used it to treat wounds on the body and to strengthen the body. However, for a long time in history honey was available only for those from the wealthy sections of society it because it was very expensive.


You’ll need two more root ginger. Then chop them with the help of choppers. After that mix it with half a kilo of honey. It is essential that the honey be domestic and buy among the checked beekeepers and from the proven sources. The prepared honey is then prepared in jeans, and consumed 3 to 4 times a day, one spoon. It is important that this mixture does not come into contact with the metal and use a wooden or plastic spoon. Metal is strictly forbidden, and the first effects of this mixture will be felt after four days.

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