Natural Remedies Against Excessive Sweating

You can not prevent sweating during the summer months, but if you have a feeling that you are sweating too much, you can try to reduce it a bit by natural means.

There are some things that we should be grateful for. Health, nice weather … people who love us, people we love … and sweating.

OK, at first glance, it’s not his place on this list. It’s going to be nervous, the feeling is unpleasant, it can be both humiliating (think only of wet stains spreading under the armpits or under your chest, you are aware of them and you can not do anything to stop them from appearing) … But sweating is a sign that our body works just as it should.

When warm, the temperature control center in the hypothalamus sends a signal to the sweat glands that it’s time to activate and start doing something.

And when they begin to work, it is: transparent, salty liquid appears on the surface of our skin and cools us. In short, the sweating mechanism functions as our personal “air conditions” and protects us from overheating.

But, if you are overly sweaty and have the feeling that the wardrobe is wet on you the second time you dress, you can try to alleviate sweating with natural remedies. Here’s what can help:

Apple vinegar

Apple’s vinegar is sour in nature, which means it’s not a good base for bacteria that inhabit our palms, feet and other parts of the body. It also has a dull and calming effect. If you want to alleviate perspiration, dilute the apple vinegar with lukewarm water, and place the linings on the feet and palms, or under the armpits and hold them for 15 to 30 minutes. It should alleviate sweating. If you are concerned about odor, do not worry, as soon as the vinegar dries odor dissipated.


Citrus fruit contains citric acid, which will eliminate bacteria and relieve excessive sweating. You can either scrub places where you sweat a lot of lemons, or mix lemon juice with a baking soda and make coats.

Sage tea

Sage proven to relieve the hot flushes, and the consumption of tea from this plant also helps to relieve excessive sweating. Sprinkle spoonfuls of sage with water, let it stand, process and drink three times a day.

Be careful what you eat

Choose foods rich in fibers, and do not eat spicy and oily foods. Fruits, vegetables, soups and light meats with nonsmokers should be the basis of your diet over the summer.

Drink enough water

Drink plenty of water. Hydration helps to lower body temperature, and therefore prevent sweating. Water is crucial for health because it eliminates excess minerals and toxins. And do not wait to feel the thirst. In such heat, always keep a bottle of water at hand.

Wear a cotton wardrobe

Unlike synthetic materials, cotton skin allows it to breathe. It absorbs sweat quickly, but it also dries as fast.

Do not worry because sweating. Stress just aggravates the condition.

Do not overdo it with caffeine intake

Caffeine is a stimulant, when you enter it too, the body enters a “fighting or fleeing” behavior model, then the endocrine sweat glands are activated … If you notice that after a sweat in the coffee, reduce the usual daily dose.

Sweat as much as you need to sweat, no more or less. The body “keeps your back” automatically produces as much sweat as it takes to prevent overheating. But each of us is an individual for ourselves, therefore, we are not sweating all the same. If you get accustomed to a warm climate, you will lessen, because the body is adapted to the conditions. Whether you are “swim in the sweat” or almost not sweaty, your body knows what it is doing – just what you need. Great, right?

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