How To Solve The Problem Of Dry Eyes

Here are the symptoms of one of the most common problems people bring to ophthalmologists. Also there are helpful tips to help alleviate the symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

Dry eye is one of the most common problems that people are seeking for help from an ophthalmologist. It is a condition that develops due to a reduced operation of the tear glands. An increased evaporation of tears or the secretion of tears whose composition is not as needed.

Tears play an important role in the preservation of eye health. They improve vision, provide the cornea with the necessary humidity. Spray dust and particles in the eye from the outside environment and prevent (some) infections.  That is because they contain enzymes that can neutralize the bacteria.

Every time we blink, we refresh the “tear film”, which provides us with good vision and good eye health.

But sometimes it does not go all the way it should.

“Dry and tired eyes can be caused by various factors. the most common are dried and polluted by wind, cold, air conditioners. Also, computer work, tobacco smoke or the use of contact lenses.

Dry eye happens due to the disturbance of a tear film that normally covers the surface of the eye. Providing clear vision and humidity, as well as protection from harmful environmental influences. When this tear film fails, the first discomfort and disturbance occurs in the eyes. And if don’t treat this problem adequately, there may also be visual impairment, infections, corneal damage.

People who have eye problems have the greatest disruption in daily activities. Such as driving, reading, working on a computer, or watching TV.

The symptoms of the dry eye are the feeling that you “have something in the eye” like “you have sand in your eyes”.  Also, tingling, itching, but also faster eye fatigue, disruption vision, sometimes accompanied by the appearance of a secretion.

As a result of eye strain, fatigue, headaches, concentration problems and anxiety occur.

Risk actors can be different from external (wind, dry air, excessive use of air conditioners …). Through jobs that involve long-term viewing on the screen, for years, because naturally less tears are created as well as certain medications. Among which are anti-drugs allergy, beta-blockers, pill contraception, individual classes of antidepressants and diuretic, among others.

The problem of dry eye occurs more often in people suffering from certain medical conditions such as diabetes, lupus, Parkinson’s disease, thyroid gland disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, vitamin A deficiency …

People who wear contact lenses, especially soft, are at increased risk of eye dryness, as much as half of all patients using lenses have this disorder.

What can you do?

Depending on the cause of this syndrome, a dry eye can sometimes cure, sometimes it can not. But the unpleasant symptoms that accompany it can be eliminated.


In most cases, you can solve the problem with using artificial tears.

If you have problems with eye dryness, take into account the humidity in the rooms where you spend a lot of time.

You should also avoid exposure to tobacco smoke, eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and making breaks when reading or working on a computer for a long time.

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