What Happens With Our Body During Plane Flight?

For some of these things you probably never heard, and many are interesting. Among other things, you are exposed to space radiation, and the chances of getting sick are a hundred times greater.

During the flight with an airplane in the body there is a change.

The hearing, the smell and the taste are not as usual

Due to changes in humidity and air pressure, hearing, smell and taste are not working properly.

There is less oxygen


The cabin is below 75% of the pressure in relation to normal atmospheric air. This can lead to a condition in which due to lack of oxygen in the cells and tissue there are dizziness, tiredness and headaches.

The concentration of bacteria is high

According to some studies, the chance to get a cold is a hundred times greater when you fly, and for this is the fault of the air you breathe – 50% of the air is just circulating in the cabin.

Exposure to cosmic radiation

During the 7-hour flight (for example, from London to New York) passengers are exposed to equal amounts of radiation as X-ray radiation.


During a flight that lasts three hours, the body spends up to 1.5 liters of water. The amount of moisture in the aircraft is 4%, which causes dehydration.

The water on the plane is unhealthy

It is not poisonous, but there are many bacteria that can not be found in drinking water.

The blood goes down in the legs

Lack of movement over long flights has a negative effect on circulation, and thus increases the risk of problems with blood vessels.

If you want to reduce the negative impact during flying, follow these rules:

  • Avoid alcohol because it additionally prevents the body from absorbing oxygen.
  • Be careful not to dehydrate – drink enough water.
  • Move when you can.
  • Drink water from a bottle if you can.
  • Wash your hands regularly.
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