Remember These 15 Secrets Of Professional Chefs, Which Can Be Obtained Only In Schools For Cooks

Culinary secrets that transmits in the family generational nothing can replace them. But the tricks and skills of excellent chefs will make you the real master of the kitchen. Professional chefs carefully preserve their secrets and share them only with their students. However, some of these secret skills can be detected.

We collected secrets cuisine kitchens from around the world for you to help you learn to cook like Gordon Remzi, or even better.

At the very end you are waiting for the most unusual culinary advice from all you have ever heard:

  1. Ideal steak

Never bake meat that has just been removed from the fridge. Leave it at room temperature for an hour or two, it will “heat up” and when you prepare it, the stove will be evenly, thanks to which you will prepare an ideal steak no matter how you eat it: live, poor, medium or heavily roasted. To get a fine bark, dry the meat before baking with a paper napkin.


  1. The juiciest meat

Chicken or fatty pork is longer baked and easily dried. To avoid this, the European chefs found a cunning solution – dipping the meat into salt water. It is very easy to make this solution: 1/4 cup of salt is added to 1 liter of water and, if desired, 1/2 cup of sugar. Fill the meat so that it completely pops up and put it in the fridge.

Salting time depends on the amount of meat – 1 hour per 1kg of meat, but never more than 8 hours and less than half an hour. In the case of small pieces, such as chicken drums, the sinking time is calculated by the average weight of one piece. Before preparing, remember to remove salt from the meat.

  1. Aromatic spices

In order for the spice, such as pepper or cummin, to fully taste the food, must be heated on dry dough and then crushed. The best thing to do it in a mortar, so you will not lose not drop the wonderful aroma. Try to use pepper in grain instead of ground pepper, crush it, add it to the meal. You notice how much nuance is add to the usual taste.

  1. Airy dough

To prepare the perfect dough, follow one simple rule: leave the butter (margarine) and eggs overnight at room temperature.

  1. Fish with crispy crust

To get a tasty crust on a piece of white fish to save on the grill, lightly coat the fillet with mayonnaise. Culinary brush, which you have previously dipped into a sauce, coat the fish with a few quick movements. After that, salt the fish and put it on the grill – an extraordinary, thin, crisp cover is guaranteed to you.

And another thing: bake fish with a minimum amount of spices, and it is best to use only so, and at the very end sprinkle with a small amount of lemon juice.

  1. Steak without fat

One of the world’s most famous chef, Alain Ducasse, he revealed his secret of preparing a tasty steak. When preparing meat, it first drops it to the squid on the side of the fat layer. This not only makes the meat tastier, but frees you from having to use any other grease to prepare steaks.

  1. Gentle mashed potatoes

Before you convert cooked potatoes into mashed potatoes, it is necessary to dry it well. Put it on a dry, hot sink and leave it on it until the excess water evaporates. It is important that the pieces of potatoes do not start to bake. Only when you do this, start to prepare a puree by adding milk and oil (butter). This way you will get a gentle and refined dish.

Little advice: when preparing hot steamed milk, you should not sprinkle some potatoes and then add milk.


  1. Elegant cream soup

Before you start cooking the cream of vegetable soup, all the vegetables must be roasted on a oily pan and then add water or broth. In this way, it caramelizes sugar in vegetables, opens up the taste and gives it a full flavor and aroma. The same principle applies to the preparation of vegetable ragout.

  1. The most delicious pancakes

Regardless of the recipe, always add a few good cream to your  dough. It will make the pancakes significantly inferior and delicious, regardless of whether you are preparing sweet or salty pancakes, and while pancakes will not break.

  1. Sugar, but not for a sweetness

Sugar can be spice the same as it is. Be sure to add a pinch of sugar to any dish containing fresh tomato, tomato in a can, or tomato paste. Sugar will soften the natural acid of tomatoes and will enable it to fully open the taste of the meal.

  1. Most complicated dish – impeccably poached egg

The three main ingredients of the ideal eggs around the eye are the thick bottom bed, the butter and the minimum temperature. Slightly heat the squid and put about 1/2 teaspoon of butter in it. Buter should be slowly melted, without fingerprints. Then smash the egg on the squid and fry for 4-5 minutes. Salt, and the egg is ready for serving.

  1. Spray broth (soup)

Translucent chicken broth is the basis for a large number of soup, sauces and other dishes. To get a “crystal” broth, you should use chicken meat and cook it at very low temperature for no less than 3 hours. It should not be sculptured at all, and you should take the least amount of foam in time. After the hour and after cooking, the root of the parsley or celery, carrots and onions can be put into the broth.

When preparing beef or sheep broth, the root plant can be cut, cut into half and baked in dry dough until the black bark is formed, and only then be added to the broth. In this way, you will give full taste and color.

  1. Crispy crust

In the preparation of home-made bread, problems mainly arise with crust: either it is too light or literally turns into a stone. This problem is very easy to solve: put a water bowl in the oven. The pair will do their part of the job – the crust will be beautiful, crispy and will not be hard.

  1. Bake onions properly

Place the pan on medium heat, warm up it, add butter and cooking oil and add the chopped onion and salt. It will do several things right away: to release you from the unpleasant smells, to help the onions to fry faster and add a sweet taste to the meal.

  1. Do not be afraid of the garlic

Garlic are not afraid of vampires just because the smell from the mouth may be stopped and a business meeting, a romantic encounter. If you love this vegetable, but you are afraid to be defensive to the person you are planning to see, do not add it to the dishes, but simply put the plate on it. The food will take on the flavor, and you will avoid an unpleasant breath.

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