How To Make A Natural Remedy Against Ticks And Fleas On Your Pet

Ticks and fleas are uninvited, but also unpleasant guests on your pet. These are the guests who come and do not know how to go, just like people. first sit down, one coffee, another drink, and so on until they begin to drink your blood. And you are embarrassed to expel them.

For pets, this last stage is the first without any possibility of change. The flies and ticks feed only on the blood of your pets. After the bites, it gets seizures and then in the indefinite period. Seams and scabs of scratches are not the only consequences of these uninvited tenants. Furthermore, they often leave behind a disease with often severe consequences for your pet.

Ticks emerge and propagate at a temperature of 12 to 15 degrees Celsius, up to 20 degrees.


When you notice that your dog is scratching and can no longer follow you, play with the ball, that every enthusiastic satisfaction stops. Then, constantly dragging you in for various products from the nearest pharmacy, necklace, ampules, solutions and other removing agents for parasites.

You can make the preparation yourself, much healthier for the dog and your wallet


Apple’s vinegar and water, the basic ingredients of many examples of such remedies for the removal of fleas and ticks.


Sprinkle in 200 ml of cold water 100 ml of apple vinegar, combine the ingredients and start rubbing the preparation on your dog. When preparing this simple liquid, make sure your relationship is always two to one, two thirds of water, and one third of apple vinegar, if you need a larger amount of money depending on the size of the pet.

Be careful in the area of the head, neck and between the legs, because the skin is less covered with hair. You need to pay great attention to the places between the eyes, because the contact with this preparation could produce milder or permanent consequences and damage to the eyes.


This preparation works by making apple vinegar reduces the pH of the pet’s skin and thus becomes unbearable for parasites.

You can also make an enhanced version of this tool with a few more ingredients. In 250 ml, pour 110 ml of water, half a spoonful of baking soda and half a spoon of salt. Pour in a bottle with a puncture and shake. Shake gently the bottle. Spray the product even from the tail to the front. Then rub it in but be careful with sensitive parts of the body, especially  eyes. Before spraying the pet, it is best to look for a brush for fleas.

It is important to know that this agent should not be used frequently because it can burn the skin. So, it is a better variant with more dissolved apple acid, or more water.

Lavender, lemon and rosemary


Dog owners also consider that lavender oil is a good way to remove parasites. It is used by applying a little oil to the neck and a little to the beginning of the tail of the pet. Fleas will run, while the pet will smell great.

There is another interesting method for solving this problem. Grated lemon peel was placed in a pan of boiling water, then a little dry rosemary and rosemary fresh twigs. Leave this cooked mixture overnight to cool, pour and pour into bottles with a stick. Spray your pet at intervals of several days until he is released from ticks or fleas.

Pork fat


Pork fat can help your pet if it is lubricated over the tick. Greed is not a lasting solution, nor the solution at some point already only helps the tick itself to get out of the place where he found his food. So, the grease spreads around the place of bite and on the tick itself. Then after a while I waste it, which does not mean that it will not return to this or any other place when the fat is dried.

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