First Aid For Sunburn

Summer and warm weather are ahead of us, which means sunbathing and sunburn. You already know that sunburn is actually a damage to the skin caused by UV radiation and that increases the risk of skin cancer.

So, the fact is that you should regularly wear a cream with SPF factor, to get away from the sun in the hottest part of the day, to protect yourself with thin clothes of long sleeves, socks, a hat … But the fact is that sometimes you just happen to get sunburn , regardless of the measures that you have taken to ensure that this does not happen. If you get burn easily from the sun, this will help.

Lotion for sunbathing


There are many lotions after sunbathing, which are designed to alleviate burns and help restore damaged skin. Choose those with aloe or plant extracts, so that burn pains will be milder.


Although these lotions can help restore damaged skin, they can not repair the damage that UV radiation inflicted on cells.

Cool yourself


Put something cold on the skin – cold coats, ice, dry with cold water – that will “expel” the heat from the skin. Keep in mind that ice should not be placed directly on the skin, as it can cause damage and pain, but first wrap it in a towel, a cloth …




Applying yogurt to sunburn can give you relief. Experts do not know exactly why yoghurt helps in these cases, but they think it has to do with a high pH level that cools the skin.



Boil tea, leave the bag to cool, and put it on the skin. It is best to use black tea because the tannic acid containing heat extracts and “returns” the natural pH value, helping the skin to heal.


Drink water


The skin burned out of the sun is dehydrated, so it’s important that you get plenty of water to make up for what you lose by sweating and evaporation from the skin.


Also, drinking cold water will lower the body temperature, so burns will hurt less.



Cold milk coatings will also ease burns. Milk contains vitamins A and D, amino acids, lactic acid, fats and protein cassine, and all of these ingredients help the skin recover.


Pour a little milk into the bowl, dip the towel into it, and leave in the refrigerator to cool down, and then put the towel on the part of the skin burned from the sun.




If it’s something more serious burns, you may need “help” pain medication – ibuprofen or paracetamol, say. Take them according to the instructions of the medicine, but keep in mind that if you burn so badly that you have to drink medication, you should go to your doctor!




Cucumber has natural properties of antioxidant, which alleviates burns. Cut the cucumber and apply it to the parts of the skin where you burn, it will surely be pleasant to you.


Vitamin E


Creams with vitamin E are not only good for hydration, they can also reduce burns. Antioxidant relieves inflammation, and this is certainly good when it comes to burns from the sun. You can apply vitamin E cream or take supplements, and it will help.

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