A Child’s Hysteria Can Be Stopped If You Ask Only One Question

We’ve found an effective way to stop child hysteria in a second and invite you to protest it.

Wow, these kids! Only a second ago, the little man/girl played and laughed, and now he/she is ready to cry and make such a spectacle that he will surely wake up all the neighbors; and it is not just your’s child.

It does not matter what happened exactly. Maybe a favorite toy broke, or Mum forbade to eat a tiny candy in a row; Whatever happens, do not waste time on long parental tricks, which the kid will not hear anyway. Instead, you ask him/her slowly and rightly the right question:

Suppose the child was upset because his friend did not want to share the toy with him/her. Do not wait for the child crying out of control. Immediately ask the little question: “Is this a big, medium or small problem?”

And after answering, ask him or her to think together how to correct this inconvenience, no matter how large it may be. Maybe take another toy? Or to suggest a friend to play together? There are many variants!

Children’s psychologists explain that there are three basic reasons why one such, would say, usually a question, affects the child soothing:


♦ The child sees that we accept and respect his feelings.


♦ The question gives the child the opportunity to stop, think, and evaluate every situation well.


♦ Asking this question, parents seem to give children the ability to solve the problem themselves that are so troubling.


If you ask this question and talk quietly with your little one for a few minutes, you will save much more time, and in doing so, you will gain his trust.

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