3 Drinks For Hormonal Health That Women Should Drink Every Day

When thinking about hormonal health, what comes to your mind first? Tablets? It should not be because there are effective natural resources.

The topic of balanced hormonal health has become more and more relevant for years. There are expensive drugs and endless consultations with a gynecologist. Immediately try to prevent the need for drugs that regulate hormonal changes, which come in time!

These are three natural recipes that stabilize the secretion of hormones

Hot lemon water

Hot water with lemon contributes to weight reduction, removes toxins from the body, improves immunity, skin condition and digestion. The reason is that lemon affects the hormone satiety – leptin. If the leptin is not in balance, the body begins to create fatty deposits. Lemon helps to avoid dehydration and improves digestion.


♦ The recipe is very simple: drain half a lemon juice into a glass of warm water and wash at once. The morning will begin with you better with this drink.


Tea from raspberries leaves

Raspberry leaves have been used to strengthen the uterine muscles from ancient times. Scientific research has confirmed that this plant has a beneficial effect on the work of hormones. Women who drink this tea during pregnancy have no difficulty in giving birth.

♦ The recipe is also simple: pour a spoon of raspberry leaf (can be used and dried) with 200 ml boiling water and let it stand for 10 minutes. Do not drink this tea before bedtime, but better during the day.


Gold milk

Golden milk improves immunity and equilibrated hormone levels in the body. This drink warms, refreshes and calms down. It consists of turmeric, coconut oil and sweetener, which makes it a useful combination for regulating hormones and generally beneficial to the body.


Ayurveda considers turmeric an active spice, which improves the circulation and estrogen metabolism.


♦ Recipe: add half a teaspoon of turmeric and a spoon of coconut oil to 200 ml of hot milk. You can also add honey to taste. This drink is better to drink in the evening. More detailed here


We recommend that you start the morning with warm water with lemon, drink raspberry tea during the day, and before warming up, warm yourself with warm golden milk.

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